This game was made  in 3 days for the

Wowie Jam 4.0

Hosted by Jonas Tyroller · #WowieJam4

What was inspiration for this game?

Theme: "Collaborate With AI"

We use the loosest definition of "AI" possible, so it can basically be anything but a human. A bot, an npc, a machine, an algorithm etc. You can interpret this theme in whatever way you want. Apply it to your game OR your workflow or both if you want to. Your AI can be as smart or stupid as you please

This game works on both Mobile or PC.

Use Tenkos GIANT sword to smash flying monsters. Your A.I. spaceship will help out or not, it controls itself for the theme of the game. 

Try to get the highest score, my best score was 52! 

Thank you for playing.


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omg!! I love this!!! Works great with mobile too!!

Playing it on mobile is a blast, I'm happy you love it!


I really like the game. Particles, colours and the sound are amazing

Thank you, happy to hear you like it.

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I like the game but how does it fit the theme?


The A.I. Spaceship helps sometimes in the later levels. I follow the rules of the game jam. Here is what Jonas said "Your AI can be as smart or stupid as you please" Here is the link if you want to go over what it says.