This game was created in 1 month for the No Travel Game Jam RPG Maker MV. April 1-30 2020

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GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAction RPG, mobile, Mouse only, mv, RPG Maker, Singleplayer

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Came here from No Travel game jam! Surprised that first two chapters are all kinetic novel! Interesting! But apparently New Game+ changes things?

Maybe link back to the game jam?

Gonna probably set some time for this tomorrow, because dinner.

The No Travel game jam was a very fun one. I really did my best for the amount of time given and its nice of you to notice thank you!

Yes I will add the link now good tip.

This is a great game considering the limited time in development.


Thank you. I overwork on this game lol

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This is really awesome. You can make this into a full-fledged game. It has great potential.

I finished the game, and one new game+, when the boat gets to the island, the old, destroyed boat is still there and I cannot access the island. Nothing to do but to float around, even go in and out of the octopus. Lolz.

Thanks for that, I believe that too! Thank  you for letting me know about the new game plus. Add me on discord if you like I can show you what I've  been working on, I would like to get your feedback from play testing.


Review: Tenko Story

+Impressive for the time limit
+Chaotic blocky pixelated style with bright colors. Seems self-aware of this.
+Zoom effects are charming and add to the visual chaos.
+Snappy battle animations make me feel like a ninja-wizard.
+Great battle GUI
-inconsistent resolution is too much at some parts. For example, the boat sprite, the menu, or the improperly sized credits background.

Core Gameplay
+Yes/No choices build illusion of being present in the world
+Boss wasn't a pushover. He's only weak to Earth and triple attacks
-Players cannot select specific enemies to attack (However, this makes the ninjas feel more like a team unit)
-Players might be driven to unnecessary grinding.
-The map winds back and forth too much-- it feels like a board game without the fun squares. An option to dash would be appropriate because they are ninjas.

Sound Design
+Upbeat, retro feel
+Never distracting. Consistent.

-Pacing issues in chapter 1&2 (Boat is too slow-- I shouldn't have to fast forward with enter)
+Doesn't take itself too seriously (Chickens drop wood? Ninjas just join your party for no reason?)
-Unfinished. The story ends when you become the boss chicken.

Ease of Use
+Does a great job establishing mechanics without tutorials
-That being said, a reminder to save the game can be important

Overall, I would consider Tenko Story an ambitious game for the time limit. It really feels like you're controlling a /team/ of ninja-wizards.
This game caught my attention from the first screenshot. The graphics don't look like RPG maker, and that's really saying something considering the time limit. The developers show an understanding of the retro aesthetic they draw inspiration from, and expand upon it. This passion project also has some hilarious memorable moments, like the beginning of the boss chicken fight where he descends from heaven.

Yes the graphics was very important. I glad you brought that up, that took lots of time each character and tiles and the battle animations were made custom. Took lots of time to make them look perfect with no errors, thank you for noticing that .

I'm glad you really like the zoom effect I really enjoyed doing it and I thought it would be nice for the players.

Haha yeah I guess you can call them Ninja Wizards! I didn't think about it. Each one goes with there element. I like that you like the animations for the skills. Each one took me a
good amount of time to do, I enjoy how they came out.

The battle UI is my favorite as well. The art was custom made and the plugin was made by moghunter

Yes I need to work on those I will see if I can get a custom boat made for me. The credit I didnt have time to fill it out. I will fix that thank you for letting me know.

I'm glad you like the Yes/No choice buttons.

The Boss could use work but right now that Chicken is doing work!

I made it a fast pace fight so there is no selection for enemies a random fight some like it and some dont. But I like it because its easy for anyone to get into, even if they never played a game like this before.

That is a nice idea. A dash button would seem like a nice fit!

I'm happy to hear you like the music. It was custom made for my games.

I can make the boat faster.

Well the real reason why the chickens are there is because they were place holders and then end up being the real enemy! I thought hey why not it work for now.

I really enjoyed your review your my best one I like so far. Do you think you can copy paste this review on my page? That would mean lots to me. I would like you to test my other games in the future as well if you have the time. Let me know what you think.


What am I supposed to do after defeating the chicken? or is that where the game ends?

I haven't finish the ending. I had to turn in what I had. I will finish the ending at some point and make the game more challenging. Thank you for playing. Any feedback you had about the game will be enjoyed by me thank you.


It's a very cute little game, an impressive amount of polish for an RPG Maker game. Great work. :)

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Thank you very much that means lots to me to hear that.


You're very welcome. Can't wait to see more work from you. For all I know you'll be the person to make the next LISA. :)

imagine buying this

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Well right now the games are not forsale I have them available for free to play. I only have the price like that so people don't download the files for now. I had people export my games on other websites claiming it being their own. So far this is the only solution that works, it allows me to put my games up for free without worry anyone downloading the main files. In the future that will change once I'm more establish.