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The Tale Of Tenko How He Started

Sword Swinging Super Slashers®

 Update page for the new up coming game! 

In development

        0010. Sneak Peak Tenko's Story Game Jam Entry


      When ready this will turn into a game page once complete.

0009.  Starting Base

0008. The First Video Is Finish! Episode #0000 

0007. Rough Draft #2 Kraken Art By whtdragon

0006. Kraken Art By whtdragon 

0005. Working on a test Boss for the new No Travel Game Jam
Boss Name Plugin by Moghunter

0004. First Magic Spell For Tenko Fire Lvl. 1
Fire art done by finalbossblues

0003. Battle Sneak Peak With Battle UI Update
Battle UI Plugin by Moghunter
Battle Text Popup By Moghunter
Battle Engine by Yanfly

0002. Sliding menu feature!
With a quick look of how the game is looking
Sliding menu plugin by SumRndmDde

0001. Splash screen complete for the intro of the game 
Splash Screen Plugin by Galv
New Game+ Plugin by Galv
Credits Plugin by Galv

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