Game Review: Professional Tester

Game Review by Lena 

    Sword Swinging Super Slashers is an immersive brawl platformer featuring game modes that range from its classic ‘Last Man Standing’ free-for-all to its challenging one-on-one ‘Boss Loot’ fight. It also delves into strategic gameplay in ‘Capture the Flag,’ in which players are put to the task of capturing each others’ flags while protecting their own. The game also offers a diverse range of stages in each game mode (with more modes still in development) that include features to engross yourself in, comprising of waterfalls, platforms, spikes, and various other elements bound to get you a kill or two. 

If you are a fan of the 80s era games, these bright and colourful graphics combined with a 2D 8-bit design and classic retro music we all know and love will fully engage you in a new yet familiar experience. Its simple mechanics and instructions by no means take away from it—as many levels are purely skill-based, putting the player up against artificially intelligent bots or their own friends for fun gameplay that can last for hours. In addition to signature characters, the execution of their movements and abilities (including power-ups!) provide a fast-paced, competitive atmosphere that will keep you on your toes. 

It goes without saying that I fully encourage sandbox brawl enthusiasts with a love for retro art styles to give this game a chance and challenge your friends for hours of fun and immersive content.

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