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this is that geohacker, we chatted together on discord and gave me a game key. but it doesnt work on mac, can you make a mac build?

Hello yes that is my goal to have a working mac build. The best way for me to do this is to have a mac myself. Thank for you for reaching out to me.


Cool stuff !
This is a really fun game, and very well crafted too, It felt like playing a title from steam.

The scenes, characters, and objects are drawn in a style that ties them all together, and nothing feels out of palce. But mainly, it is so damn fun. Good job!

Wow thank you for that review glad to hear others enjoy it as much as I do.

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Lots of fun to play, especially with other people. It can be both challenging or easy depending on which game mode you pick, and there's a bunch of variety so you'll never get bored with it. Plus the developer is constantly working on new levels or modes, so there's almost always something new to try out. The retro 8-bit design also means lots of classic, bright, and colourful graphics, art, and effects! It's a simple yet addictive game, with easy to learn mechanics but immersive content nonetheless. 

My personal favourite game mode is Capture the Flag! 10/10


Wow thank you! Happy to hear you enjoyed it!


A very cool game, nice to play with friend and/or family, i made a video review about but it's in french : 

also the developper is really kind !

Wow I like your review, very good! You got skills thank you for playing the game. Working hard to put lots of more features in it!

Hi, can you contact me with twitter ? @Carbone1311 its not about this game i want to speak with you but there is no "message" button :/

I dont have a twitter at the moment, I can speak to you through email if you provide me one I can send you a email

OK no problem : 

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Amazing game, simple yet addictive. Amazing attention to detail, brilliant soundtrack. Lots of unique maps for any situation / amount of players.  Clean and reactive controls. Waterfall jump, charge attack, power ups are awesome mechanics.

AMAZING game  10/10

Awesome! Glad you had a fun time with the game. More will be coming soon will let you know when the next major update is up.

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Good Pixel Graphics, Nice music, and simple but interesting stages which get unlocked by playing. The combat consists of two attacks, a normal attack and a heavy one that takes longer but which is powerful. The character design and the stages looks really cool. You don't have to learn difficult combos. Makes really fun to play with friend.

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