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Help Tenko blast away the space blocks with heavy combos! Each space block has a number of hits needed to blast them away. Plan your hits well.

Controls: Aim with mouse click or tap to release your projectiles.

Development log


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Deleted 153 days ago

I do plan to release more templates each week to help new devs out. I have one template out so far.

Only managed to reach 23 lines lol. My average was about 11 to 15.

Dev. Tip, aim at the walls to get more bounce off your lasers.You get to more bounce to score double hits sometimes or more.

85 lines was my best!

Wow! Very Nice!


Great game for time klling!

Space Blast Block Attack is an awesome game filled with many incredible features!! It’s a challenge blasting away the space blocks! This game is so addicting! It is an exciting game for the whole family!! 

Thank you very much I just release it! Glad you enjoyed it as much as me. What's your highscore?

I really really enjoy playing your game!! You are a talented game designer!! My high score is line 72!! 😊

Deleted 1 year ago

Wow! Good score! I’m going to keep trying to match or beat your score! 

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Looks like your gonna have to try harder here is my score with the latest update. Lighting Power Upgrade!